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This morning Charlotte started telling me a bunch of addition like 4+3 is 7, 2+3 is 5, and a number of combinations she worked out.
When I asked her how she figured all this out all of the sudden she said music class!

It’s like the math light went on in her head. Really neat. 

Thank you.

Aaron C.

Before Confident Voice Studio, I was light in stage presence. I didn’t have a booming voice, and though I may still not – I felt Deanna’s direction allowed me to push past the previous limitations that I set for myself.

The thing about Confident Voice Studio is that the approach to instruction allows a newcomer to feel welcomed and at ease when learning new techniques and being exposed to a whole new array of material, such as music. I was very new to music theory- but quickly picked it up through her teaching, and never feared asking questions.

I’d recommend Confident Voice Studio to other vocalists who want to use their voice as an ultimate instrument in their performances.


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