Managers work enough hours without adding to it. Delegation can change that. When the skill is used to its utmost, both manager and team members enjoy their work and their personal lives. Here are at least ten benefits that are useful for both team members and managers when sharing the load is done right.

Delegating Defined

Delegation involves sharing the work and the responsibility. A manager who gets fifty emails or calls a day from a team that needs constant hand holding might as well do the job all on their own. But, we know that a one-man or one-woman team is neither productive nor profitable. Sharing the work and the authority results in growth for everyone and financial success for the company. It’s a situation where everyone can win – together.

5 Benefits of Delegation for the Organization

  1. Greater productivity – As the manager and the team are more proficient working as a cohesive unit, more projects can be added to the workload. This offers an opportunity for growth through increased productivity.
  2. Versatile and adaptable workforce – Each member of the team offers strengths in certain areas. By playing to those strengths while dealing constructively with weaknesses, the manager can tap a variety of employees for different tasks.
  3. Talent pool for promotion – No one is trying to take your job, but everyone wants to move forward in their career. Here is the proving ground for cultivating new leaders.
  4. Higher employee morale – Employees who feel respected and trusted work harder and more efficiently.
  5. Higher employee retention – It is an investment in the workforce to train and mentor your team members. The last thing you want is for them to take your instruction and leave. Value them and they will feel vested in the company and look for opportunities in house instead of elsewhere.

5 Benefits of Delegation for Managers

  1. Reduced workload – Managers have families, too. When you can trust your team members, you can enjoy more time off knowing that the projects are in good hands.
  2. Reduced stress – Looming deadlines can bring on anxiety. Skilled team members with everything well in hand, see you breathing easier as project milestones approach.
  3. More time for higher job priorities – As a manager your ultimate job is sourcing your projects to keep everything moving. Also as a manager, there are administrative and other tasks that only you can handle. Set more time for these things by delegating project work.
  4. More skilled and versatile team – A manager is only as strong as their team. Meeting the needs of your staff provides skill building and personal performance goals that benefit everyone.
  5. Greater productivity from team – A team with various skills can add tasks seamlessly without a lot of instruction. The more you invest in your team, the more they will produce for you and the company.
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