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The first mistake I see people make is they wait so long to get help that they just want to get a butt in the seat.

  • Instead of really thinking about what they need, what that person is going to do, what the deliverables are going to be for that role, what skills and experience they need to bring to the table… They just throw together a job description, throw it up on a website or send it out to their list and then hire way too quickly.  Of course the antidote to that would be to spend time really getting clear on what your needs are, just like I teach in Module 1 of the 90 Days to a Profitable and Productive Team program. This way, you know exactly what you want this person to do, what you can afford, and what skills and experience they need to bring to the table.

The second mistake I see people make is they don’t use interviewing, reference checks, and what I like to call, e-mail interviews or test tasks to get really clear on if this person can actually do the job instead of just saying that they can do the job. 

  • Often business owners will hire someone because they were a great interview or they had great references but they haven’t actually tested out to see if this person knows what it is they are saying they can do. I advocate that you use a test task to try this person out and see how they do – and if you want more information about that, just reach out and let me know.

The third mistake I see people make is that they have their hiring process going way too long, which I know is contradictory to the first thing I said – which is people going really fast. 

  • If you do find someone great, don’t make them wait three or four weeks while you’re going through everything else. Stay in contact with them so that you’re in the forefront of their mind and let them know when your process is going to be wrapped up and when you’re making the decisions by. That way, if you have found a really great candidate, hopefully they’re not going to accept something else while you’re making your decision.

So those are the three mistakes that I wanted to share with you today that I see business owners make when hiring for their team.

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