Every employer wants to hire well. You may be surprised to know that there is more to the process than previously believed. Here are three important steps to assist with hiring the best talent for the position available.


Yes, we said talent. What information do most resumes cover for your job candidates? They list past job experience, knowledge and education related to past employment and skills acquired. But, there is another piece of information that is pertinent to an employer – talent. By this, we refer to how well the candidate in question can tackle the job for which they are applying. Will their qualities mesh with your way of doing business? Do they fit the responsibilities as laid out in the job description?

Talent Scout

This sounds like show business. In a way, it is. Just like a director wants to find the best actors for his or her film, you desire to incorporate individuals who will give the results you are looking for. In that regard, it is not enough to hire someone who has the qualifications. What is seen on paper is not all that makes a person eligible for a job. Can they handle the situations that may arise through the course of their job?

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The only way to answer this question is to learn to scout for talent just like the big boys do it in Hollywood. Here are three steps that can bring you closer to discovering your next superstar.

  1. Seeking Talent – It is important to know what you are looking for. This includes being familiar with the job description for the position so that you may know if the people who apply are qualified by the traditional standards (education, skills, past employment and etc.) plus whether or not your candidates have “the knack” for handling all that will accompany the technical skills of the job.
  2. Interviewing Talent – Think of it like an audition. You are giving each candidate a sample part to play and measuring if their demonstration meets with your expectations for that role. In terms of business, the questions that you ask and the sample scenarios that you pose will act as a script to bring out the qualities in each person. Now, determine if anything they say or do puts them in the running for hire.
  3. Selecting Talent – Now that you have examined the technical qualities and asked the questions you feel give the best insight into the talent of your candidates, it is time to choose someone to fill the position. It’s time to narrow the list to a few and then make your final selection.