Do you struggle to make it through your daily task list? Do you find that instead of systematically checking things off, your list only seems to grow?

If this sounds familiar, then it might be caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. You’re Disorganized – Disorganization is a primary cause of inefficiency and a lack of productivity. If you don’t know what your priorities are and you don’t know where to start to make the biggest impact, you can spend your entire day doing busywork that doesn’t really accomplish your goals. Speaking of goals, they’re an important aspect of being organized. If you’re not getting your tasks accomplished in a timely manner, take a look at your systems. Are you organized? Do you have priorities and are you able to schedule tasks appropriately?
  2. You’re Distracted – There are many things that can cause you to become distracted. If you’re trying to do too much you can be distracted. If you’re attempting to multi-task, you’re inherently distracted. Your brain can only really focus on one task at a time. If you don’t have boundaries and put up the “do not disturb” sign when you’re working, then you are practically asking for distractions.
  3. You’re Dissatisfied – Often when a person tries to do too much they get burned out. If you are constantly working and don’t take time to relax and enjoy life then you may begin to feel dissatisfied with your business. Additionally, if you’re doing tasks that you don’t enjoy then it’s easy to begin feeling unhappy about your business.
  4. You’re not Delegating – If you are experiencing either #2 or #3 above, then it’s a surefire sign that you need to delegate. If you’re working too much and feeling overwhelmed, distracted, or dissatisfied with your business then you’re probably not focusing on the right tasks. As an entrepreneur it’s your job to grow and manage your business; you don’t have to be the person who works in your business and manages every task. Outsource and delegate tasks that you dislike, tasks that require specialty skills, and tasks that take a long time and don’t generate a direct profit. When you clear a few of these tasks off of your list, you’ll be able to systematically finish your task list on a regular basis.
  5. You Don’t Have Deadlines – Deadlines are important because they help hold you accountable. Begin setting realistic deadlines for yourself and follow through. Determine what a reasonable amount of time is to complete a task or a project and schedule time to get the job done.
Take some time to evaluate your business and your approach to managing it and growing it. Are you making some of these common time management mistakes? A few simple steps can help you get back on track.

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