Once you’ve made the decision to bring an OBM (Online Business Manager) onto your team, you’ll want to define your goals.

What do you want to achieve by hiring an OBM?

You can begin to brainstorm goals when you identify what you want your new business manager to help you with. Let’s start by taking a look at the various responsibilities they can take care of for you.

Affiliate Management

If you have an affiliate program then it may very well be the marketing tactic that you pay the least attention to. Your marketing materials for your affiliate team may have dwindled. Your communication with them may also be lackluster. An online business manager can bring your affiliate team back on track by not only beefing up your current systems, but also implementing new tactics to get them motivated and promoting your business. And if you don’t have an affiliate team then your OBM can be the partner you need to get one started.


Another area of a business that’s often neglected is the launches. Ideally you’ll have at least one launch each year, hopefully more. That means you’re spending your time innovating new products or services. Your online business manager can help you take your launch idea and implement it successfully. They can handle everything from creating systems to identifying contractors and technologies to help make your launch process seamless and profitable.

Customer Service and Communication

How much time do you spend communicating with customers? Unless you’re a coach, your customer interaction should be minimal at best. It’s freeing to hire someone to manage your email and telephone communications. Embrace the savvy communication skills that a good OBM possesses, and hire them to manage your customer service and client communications.

Marketing Initiatives and Channels

You’re the idea person behind your marketing strategy. You don’t have to be the person to implement every single marketing tactic. Your online business manager can take over your current marketing plan and manage it for you. For example, if you’re creating a new opt-in offer to build your email list then your OBM can:
• Create a timeline for the launch of your new opt-in.
• Research topics to for your opt-in.
• Hire/communicate with contractors to create your opt-in (for example, a ghost writer and a graphic designer).
• Add the opt-in page to your website.
• Manage analytics to measure the results of your opt-in.

Business Operations

There are many behind the scenes tasks that you probably don’t think much about. Yet you perform the tasks every month. For example, someone has to invoice clients, pay affiliates, pay contractors and create and manage systems within your business. An online business manager is an ideal person to handle your most important behind the scenes tasks. They’re someone that you trust and a person that you’re communicating with on a regular basis.

Decide what you want your online business manager to take care of for you. Identify the key goals you’d like to achieve by bringing them onto your team. And enjoy the power and freedom a good online business manager can bring to your business and your life.