Delegating is not the easiest task for managers but it is a vital necessity. Learning the process and how to use it provides significant benefits for both organization and managers alike. It can be slow going in the beginning, but practice does make perfect, as they say. Here is some advice on the signs that may show you need to be delegating more.

Lack of delegation doesn’t just affect the manager but the company as a whole. Less work is getting done when the manager is handling it all. The team is ineffective. Aspects of the project that can only be handled by the manager are taking longer to complete because they are more involved in the day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, the person whose head is on the chopping block is not your team but you for lack of utilization of potential resources.

It’s Time to Delegate More

Let’s get on the right page here. If you aren’t delegating, then it’s a good time to start. If you are using the delegation process but not all the time, opportunities for growth are being missed. Take a look around you. If you see the following signs, it’s time to hand off more work to your team.

  1. Slow decision making – Vital decisions about the overall project are not enacted because you are bogged down with the day-to-day issues that can be handled by skilled team members. Choose members with the right skills to replace you with these tasks.
  2. Managers are not spending enough time on high priority work – We’ve touched on this one. Decide what tasks are essential for a manager to handle. Make those your priority and look to outsource the rest to your competent team.
  3. Missed deadlines – Clients ask questions when their deliverables are not received on time. When the management team needs answers they will look to you. Too much work is not the right response. It’s time to let the team share the load. Choose those who you trust can do the job.
  4. Low productivity – While you are running around like your hair is on fire, there are several skilled employees sitting on their thumbs. People are getting paid for doing very little. You can change that. Everyone can grow personally and the company can grow financially when resources are used in an efficient manner.
  5. Staff not ready for promotion – Who were you before you were a manager? You gained the skills and experience for promotion. Your team members want the same. As a manager you are grooming new leaders and skilled managers. Avoid company turnover by giving your team something to aspire to. Let them know that the experience and opportunities are present where they are now.
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