The biggest part is over. You have interviewed each candidate that has applied for the available position. You have their answers to your questions, their resumes and any other notes about observations that you have taken. It is time to select the right person to hire.

It is Time to Choose

At this point, you can feel good about a job well done. You preselected those candidates who met initial criteria for the job. This meant weeding out those who didn’t even qualify based on education or past job experience. Some things are crucial to the job and you’ve made that decision before moving on to the interview process.

In preparation for the interview, you did some leg work to find out what top performers possess that others will need to demonstrate in the interview process. That includes not only education and skills but also talent and desire for the job. The conducted interviews revealed even more about the person you met on paper. Now, put all of these pieces together and see who comes out on top.

Select the Right Person in 5 Steps

Whittling the list is not easy. Here are some steps to assist you.

  1. Evaluate the interviews – If you need to, make recordings of your observations. Review each resume along with the responses given during interview. Record any observations you picked up. This will be crucial if you end up with a couple of candidates who seem equally matched and you need a way to choose between them.
  2. Match talent to job description – List out the vital job requirements for the position. You can make a grid if you need to. Evaluate each candidate on how well they could handle each requirement based on their interview responses. Even if they have the skill, they will need the talent in order to bring that skill to bear in a positive and productive way on the job.
  3. Narrow the field – Use some type of ranking system if you find the decision too difficult at this point. You may have to pick apart responses to get at the best answers. Don’t be afraid to follow your instincts here. You are a manager for a reason.
  4. Check references – This is not just asking for dates of service. Inquire about job performance and skills on previous jobs in relation to some of the duties that candidate will be asked to perform if they come to work for you. Listen to how they answer as much as the answers themselves.
  5. Make a choice – Get right down to it and choose the best person. That doesn’t mean that you won’t keep the second or third runner-up in mind should another position become open.