There are thousands of books on how to become a good leader, but if we look at some of the most effective and successful business leaders, we can see that they have 5 things in common.

Effective leaders:

  • Create a Positive Workplace Atmosphere
  • Promote Collaborative Working Relationships
  • Encourage and Reward Exceptional Performance
  • Are Clear About the Company’s Focus and Vision
  • Cultivate Trust Throughout the Company and in All Business Relationships


Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


As a leader, you set the tone for the entire working environment. If you are moody, unpredictable, or never seem satisfied, your employees will not trust you fully enough to be honest with you. They will avoid bringing up issues and concerns because they are scared of what you will say or do.

You need to project positivity at all times, especially in tough ones. Those who all pull together can even save a sinking ship if they know land is in sight. Convey openness and optimism and see what a difference it can make to your department or the company as a whole.


Many of us are competitive from an early age, and that trait is encouraged at school, college and the working world. Yet if you look back on some of your best times in life, chances are you were collaborating with others. If you played sports on a team, or were in the debating society at school, you were working with others collaboratively towards a common goal.

In every company, you will have different personalities and skill sets. The lone wolf might seem the most exotic of creatures, but does he bring home the dinner for everyone else to share, or take it all for himself? If you have ‘star’ players on your team, be sure they collaborate with others. It can keep them humble and everyone will learn from the process of working together as a team.

Recognize and Reward

Create a culture of positivity in which achievement is recognized and rewarded. No one likes to feel invisible. Nor do they like seeing the more outgoing lone wolf types in the company getting all the praise, when they are the ones supporting him/her in their success.

Consider ways to single out top performers each month and choose different people each month rather than the same people over and over again.

Clear Focus and Vision

A leader can only lead successfully if they know where they are going and share their vision with those who are supposed to follow. It can be easy to get ‘off message’ with so many things competing for our attention. Take the time to convey that the company is on track towards the common goals you have stated and see what a difference it can make to their cooperation and enthusiasm for their work.

Build and Maintain Trust

Your employees should trust you and you should be able to trust them. In turn, any clients or company you deal with should feel that they can trust you. Business and personal integrity might seem old-fashioned, but making sure you and your employees are trustworthy is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.

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