I’ve got some news.

On Saturday August 1 at 9am Pacific, I’m gonna make a once in a lifetime invitation to my entire community.

It’s only available for 5 people.  And then I’m taking it down…FOREVER!

And I will never make this exact invitation and offer EVER again.

It’s so juicy, many people will question my sanity.

Wanna get in on the action early?

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I’ll put you on an “early bird” list and you’ll get notice 60 minutes before everyone else.

You get the entire chair, but you’ll need the EDGE….


Deanna Maio

Team Results & Accountability Strategist


PS: I am not exaggerating when I say “once in a lifetime” and for “only 5 people.”  You’ll want to know about this invitation
and early.

Click Here to get one the”early bird” list and you’ll find out 60 minutes before everyone else.

Anyone is eligible, current clients included so, sign up to get early notice now.