Delivering teleseminars and webinars to your niche market on a topic of importance to them is a great way to boost sales, increase your list size, and create a stronger bond with your followers. The awesome thing about teleseminars and webinars is that today you don’t need to know much about technology to make it work. Any presentation you would give in person, you can give over the phone or in a webinar, all from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or really, almost anywhere in the world.


Your fans you already have will come to your teleseminar or webinar, but, it’s also a good way to attract people who have not heard of you yet. One way to do this is to use your affiliates to promote your teleseminar or webinar. If you charge 25 dollars for a webinar and give your affiliates 90 percent, they’ll collect 22.50 per sale, and you’ll still get 2.50 per attendee. That’s more than most authors make per book sale. If you only have 100 in attendance, and many services allow up to 50,000 attendees, that’s a great haul for one hour of your time.

Another way to create buzz about your teleseminar is to attach it to a fundraiser. Give a percentage of profits to the charity of your choice. It would be fun to let the attendees vote between two or three on a poll to choose where the money goes. Even still, you will earn money at the time of the teleseminar and / or webinar, plus get new people for your list. Everyone who signs up, who is not on your list already, will now be added to your list either at the time of paying for their ticket, or at another time during the seminar.

Once these people are on your list, you can market to them on the back end because through your teleseminar you will be not only communicating with people, but you’ll be creating additional products to promote to your list. For instance, you can have transcripts created from the seminar and those transcripts can become a special report, and even an entire book. This can then be broke up into an autoresponder drip, articles, and more. In addition, you can sell the recordings to those who attended, those who missed it, (or offer as a bonus for attending) and if you want to give away the eBook or special report to get more interest and more sign ups to your list and future teleseminars, it’s up to you!

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to teleseminars and webinars on what can be created from the event. Only your imagination can limit you, once you start conducting teleseminars and webinars. By conducting your teleseminar or webinar strategically, offering up-sells, discounts and bonuses after the show is over you’ll be surprised at how much money you make after the event is over. A teleseminar and webinar is truly a self-sustaining business opportunity that keeps on giving, long after it’s over. You’ll want to do them again and again.