Does your team have you running you in a thousand directions?

Are you fed up wasting lots of time, pulling your hair out, trying to get your team to do what you want…but it’s not working…and you don’t know why?

I know why. And I know it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Here’s Linda’s Story:

In the month or so since I hired my two new team members, I have been able to do sooooooo much! They’ve helped me catch up on uncompleted projects, get organized in many of my marketing processes and handle a lot of the tasks that, as a business owner, I shouldn’t be doing. More than that, they are providing FANTASTIC support during a crucial product launch. Without their help, I never could have taken an idea for a best newsletter contest to a fully functioning and content-rich blog in less than three weeks.

Heck, even the name of the contest came from them! They’re now doing shopping cart work, social media tasks, affiliate partner outreach and a TON more. The positive feelings are mutual, too. They both are learning skills, approaches and mindset that will serve them well…I needed Deanna as a sounding board for my many questions. I’m soooo glad I did. *It’s been one of the best investments of time and money into my business that I’ve ever made!  Linda Claire Puig –

And Jenene Stafford’s from

I’m just so grateful for you and the help you’ve given us!

Deanna, I want to thank you again for being such an inspiration to us. At this point we have a whole new team that is totally on fire to be working with us and I owe it all to you and your coaching.

We have:
– A new web master
– A new online marketing project manager
– A new marketing asst./social marketing
– And a new executive assistant
Yesterday we had our first team meeting with the entire team and the energy was off-the-charts amazing. I am having fun again and this is truly, truly the best team I have ever built. They are skilled, experienced and professional. We are so blessed. I’m just so grateful for you and the help you’ve given us. Thank you, Thank you.

And Julie Muller’s Story… (and she was starting from scratch)

I adore my new assistant. We have our meetings, I record them, send them to her, she does exactly what I ask her to do and sends it back.
She is awesome. So thank you for being you and helping me attract the right person to start of my team.
I know I want more and she’s connected me with another gal already for our next position (for marketing support). 

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To your fantastic success,

Deanna Maio
Team Results & Accountability Strategist


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