dontdoitSolo business owners try to do everything themselves. After all, they need to keep costs to a minimum, especially if they’re just starting out.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t do it!
If you’re still trying to do everything yourself, you may not know that:
1. You could be making more money by doing the parts you’re more effective at.
2. It’ll take you longer to complete the tasks you’re not properly trained for, compared to somebody who is.
3. It’s going to cost you more (in money, time and anxiety) to fix things if you make mistakes.
4. Outsourcing to others is more affordable than you think.
5. You’ll be less stressed, happier and more productive if you focus on doing the things you enjoy.
Outsourcing can be the solution to your ever-growing list of to-dos.But you know how to do it properly so that you’ll find the right people, delegate the right tasks, and get the most from your investment.
In the same way you wouldn’t dream of giving yourself a filling… you need to stop doing everything yourself!
Ready to learn more?I’ve studied from a bunch of people and my favorite outsourcing teacher to day is Nicole Dean. Check out her program, Outsource Weekly, for solopreneurs like yourself, here.
Through weekly lessons delivered to your email inbox, you will learn:
* what tasks to outsource vs what tasks you need to do yourself
* how to get the help you need, even if you have a very small — or even no — budget
* how to automate many of the things you can’t delegate, so that you can “set it then forget it”
In fact, Outsource Weekly isn’t just about outsourcing. It’s an entire course in marketing in itself. After all, how can you manage others unless you understand the tasks yourself?
Read this and you’ll see what I mean:
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