Seriously, what motivates people to buy your service? This is the one question that everyone in who has a program or a service to sell wants to know the answer to. After all, if you know how to motivate your potential customers to invest in your program to solve their problems, then you will be able to quickly increase your sales and your conversion rate, which is the ultimate goal of anyone in sales.

So, what is the answer to that question? What really does motivate people to buy? It is often said that you should give people what they need, because that is what they are going to buy. That may well have been the case a few decades ago, but sadly in today’s marketplace things have changed and people no longer buy based on what they need.

Instead they buy what they want.

Statistics show that in today’s media driven society people are actually spending more money on the things that they want like, plasma TV’s, satellite system’s and recreational vehicles than they are on the necessities like food and shelter!

So it only stands to reason that if you have a program or service that you are trying to sell you need to present it to your prospect as something they want.  Focus on what’s in it for them, stress the benefits and make them feel like it is something they absolutely must have. That they don’t want to live without.

People also buy because they get pleasure from what they buy. 

Someone doesn’t walk into a car dealership and buy a top of the line Mercedes because they need it; a nice Toyota or Chevy would have done the job just as well. They buy the Mercedes because they want that feeling of pleasure that they feel every time they’re driving it. Whether it is the comfort of the plush leather seats, all the shiny gadgets, or the fact that it is a status symbol, they love driving their Mercedes! Whatever their reason for buying that Mercedes you can rest assured that their decision was based on want and not need.  

Want is not the only thing that motivates people to make a purchase. While it is the leading contender, there are many other triggers that will motivate them to whip out their wallets and buy your product or service

Let’s quickly go over a few:

–    To make more money
–    To save time
–    To be healthier
–    To have a better job
–    To start a business
–    To attract the opposite sex
–    To have a happier marriage
–    To be a better parent
–    To make more sales

These are only a few of the triggers that will motivate people to buy your service or program.

If you want to learn how to effectively motivate your prospects to take action then you need to find out what they want and then present your service in a manner that let’s them clearly see working with you will help them get what they want.

And if you do that, your service will be something they can’t live without!

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