evaluate When you own a business you get advice from unlikely and unexpected sources. And there’s no shortage of business advice to be found online. Everyone has a secret strategy to make millions overnight. The truth is that some of the business advice, unsolicited and found online, may be good, useful advice that helps you achieve your goals more quickly. Other advice is just plain bad and can cause you a world of trouble. But how do you know the difference? What advice will help you move forward and what advice will hold you back? #1 Consider the Source

Does the person giving advice have experience in business? Do they have experience in the topic they’re giving you advice on? For example, your great Uncle Bob may be a fantastic CFO but if he’s giving you marketing advice, it may not be advise you want to follow. Consider how dated the advice may be as well. Going back to Great Uncle Bob, maybe he was a superstar marketer thirty years ago but what worked for him then may not work for you now. Finally, consider the intention of the person giving the advice. Are their intentions noble and good or do they have underlying emotions that may be interfering with their advice. For example, your mastermind group member may be struggling and envious of your success.e5b0369dbd435f30212e4ac1_640


#2 What do YOU Think?

As you build and grow your business chances are you’re going to ask many questions and seek the answers in a variety of sources. However, the final decision always rests with you. It’s important to be able to weigh the information carefully but it’s more important to trust yourself and your decisions. What feels right for you? You may go against the best advice available a come out ahead simply because you listened to your instincts and did what felt right for you and your business.


#3 Clarity

Often, advice can be boiled down into fine points. Instead of looking for broad answers to problems, tackle one small issue at a time. For example, instead of wondering why your email marketing isn’t working and asking for help on your entire strategy, focus on the next email you’re sending out. What can you do to make that email successful? Identify the single issue you want advice or help on and then seek answers to that specific problem. Business advice will continue to come at you from a variety of directions. Learning to sort through the advice that is right for you and the advice that isn’t will help you become a more decisive leader.

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