One question often asked is, “Do I need technical skills to run a teleseminar?” The short answer is, Nope! Today, the technology is as simple as dialing a telephone number to place your call, and / or clicking on a link to open up the webinar. Depending on which you choose to do (and some software allows both to happen at the same time!) will depend on what you need to know exactly, but if you are reading this, you have the technical skills to conduct a teleseminar or a webinar.10WaysToPromoteYourTeleseminars

 First, let’s talk about what are teleseminars and webinars.

  1. A webinar is a presentation or training that is done over the net using technology that allows the presenter to show their PowerPoint, share their desk tops, while communicating with multiple attendees who usually also have the ability to raise their hands and ask a question. All you need to conduct a webinar is the webinar technology, an Internet connection and of course a computer.
  2. A teleseminar is a presentation or training that is conducted completely over the telephone. All you need to conduct the teleseminar is a telephone along with signing up for the special software that allows you and your attendees to call in. Usually, you’ll also be able to open up the line for questions and answers but you’ll also be able to mute the callers so that the line is quiet while you’re talking your presentation or training.
  3. Your most important job when conducting either a webinar or a teleseminar is to choose a good topic for your niche, decide what products to promote on the back end and how to market and promote your event for maximum attendance. The other important job is choosing the right technology. There are many different companies with whom you can work from completely hands off, just letting you use the technology, to companies who will help you every step of the way with your event.

 Some advice when choosing the technology:

  1. Free isn’t always good — I know it’s tempting to use one of the free services, but the truth is, if you don’t spend money making your business look topnotch and professional why should anyone pony up money for your event, much less your products and services after the event is over? A paid service will offer premium services such as branded sign up pages, the ability to charge for your event, automatic recordings and more.
  2. Test it out — Always thoroughly test the software before you do your first event, or even before you choose which software you will use for the events. Everyone has a different learning curve, and ability, just because you can’t figure out how to use one service doesn’t mean you won’t figure out how to use the next. So, take advantage of the free trails and low cost trails (some cost only one dollar to try).
  3. Know what features you need — During your testing it’s important to know in advance what features you want. Some features that I think are important are: Recording & High Quality