The most important aspect of successful teleseminars and webinars is to never skimp on the marketing. No, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing, but you do need to devote some time promoting your event if you expect anyone to show up. You can’t just set a date and forget it, you must promote. We’ve learned over the years that promoting is an important aspect of doing business, it doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a single blog post, or an event, the process is much the same.10WaysToPromoteYourTeleseminars

  • Involve Affiliates — Entice affiliates to participate by giving them a nice large chunk of the entry price. Even if you give them 100 percent of the entry price, that’s pretty cheap marketing since you are paying only when you really get an audience member. Another idea is to give them a smaller percentage but offer nice bonuses for getting more attendees. There are a number of ways to get affiliates excited, use them all.
  • Incorporate a Fundraiser — Why not give a portion of profits from the event, and up to 2 weeks of orders after the event, to a charity of your choice? This is a great way to up your attendees and generates buzz for your business. It’s much the same as the pink yogurt lid idea, or turning other products pink to support breast cancer research. The company gets buzz and good will, but they still make money when customers purchase.
  • Use All Social Media Channels — Be prepared to promote your event via social media with pre created and even scheduled Tweets, Facebook postings, and shares on all social media. You can even purchase an advertisement on social media that is super laser targeted toward your audience to avoid clicks from people not in your targeted demographic. If you create a compelling meme, or video, you might even go viral.
  • Offer a Titillating Preview — One thing you can share via your affiliates, and social media is an interesting preview of the event. Create a teaser video or podcast, and then share it with everyone, so that they’ll know exactly what will be included in your actual teleseminar or webinar event. Being able to hear your voice, or even see you on a video, will make you into a real live person. People like to do business with real people, so show them how real you are and how you can relate to them.
  • Ask a Burning Question — Your target audience not only has a burning question, but they want a targeted solution to their burning question — so give it to them. A great way to develop an advertising campaign is to ask the question, then promise to provide the solution in the teleseminar and / or webinar event. You can give teaser answers that hint at the solutions you will provide with your product or service. Because, frankly, they already know the questions, they just don’t know the solutions yet.