Think of each member of a company as a piece of a puzzle. With each piece you get a small glimpse into the image that makes up the entire puzzle. When each person is positioned just so, the picture becomes clear enough for everyone to see. This is the objective in getting your new team member focused.

Channeling the Enthusiasm

New employees are often excited, a bit apprehensive and ready to take on a challenge. This “go getter” attitude can easily be displayed in a haphazard way unless guided by you as well as other members of the company. Allow that energy to work for both you and your new hire.

5 Steps Getting Focused Model

  1. Describe the importance of their job – It may be hard to see where you fit unless you get a glimpse of the big picture. You gave a description of the job during the interview process. Now, enlighten your new hire about just why this role is so crucial to the company. How will doing or not doing their job impact the company? Share those insights.
  2. Prioritize – If there is one thing that is vital to understanding and fulfilling the big picture of the company, it is prioritization. There are many tasks that are involved in day-to-day functioning, but on a daily basis, your team member will have to assess which ones are more important and tend to those first. As a manager, explain which duties are considered most important right off the bat. These priorities may change depending on the situation and you can discuss that further as well.
  3. Establish procedures – Who reports to whom? What is the correct way to handle certain situations that may arise? When a task is assigned, what are the milestones, timeframes and deadlines for standard projects? Inform them about proper channels and observed steps for each duty they are required to perform.
  4. Setting and communicating measurable criteria – How will your team member know that they are performing on task and at speed? Give them a way to measure their performance. Set a target for them to zero in on with whatever task or project they are assigned. Be specific about parameters and goals for each step. Quantify as much as possible. A measurable criterion holds both you and them accountable.
  5. Plan for success – A plan is always needed if success is the ultimate goal. No matter what job you are asking your new team member to tackle, a blueprint for success is essential at the beginning in order to make it to the end. Ensure that the employee understands the job at hand. Ask them to state, in their own words, what you have asked them to do. Provide your support at all junctures along the way. Check on their progress as the project moves along.
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