Yesteday I decided to start an endeavor to post 5 things I’m grateful for every day for 30 days. The post that started it all is below.

1. The students in our next Delegated to Done Formula program. I’m so excited to watch them grow their businesses with powerful systems and team support.

2. My hair. It’s almost always a good hair day. It’s thick and healthy and I’ll never have worries of it thinning.

3. A new client I signed yesterday. She and her company are IDEAL and I’m so excited to help them through some changes and growth on her team.

4. My bestie Genie Goodwin. She gave me some advice on the proposal I used to sign the new client yesteday. Some times you just need someone else’s perspective.

5. My iPhone 6. It’s like a computer in my pocket. I can check on my team’s progress, communicate with them and my clients, play games, learn, and so much more.

Original Post:
Thank you, Rachel Rofe, for reminding me this morning when I listened to an episode of your show (A Better Life Podcast), how important it is to keep up on my gratitude practice. Today I commit to posting 5 things I’m grateful for every day for the next 30 days as an experiment.
FB friends, I invite you to join me. In no particular order…

1. Facebook – even though it can be a time suck if you’re not productive. I love that it lets me connect with important people to me and meet new friends.

2. My amazing boyfriend, Tim Piteck. His strength, support, love and generosity have helped me to grow and become a better person, that has more fun.

3. Podcasts. I love that I can share ideas and expertise with my community on my podcast, and I can learn from others and strengthen my mind and emotional state.Here’s a link to mine and Rachel’s.

4. My mother, Denise Maio. It’s hard to articulate all that she’s been, done, and supported me through. Today I’ll highlight her instinct to put me into dance lessons and support me as a dancer for 12+ years. I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for my young career as a dancer.

5. My willingness to own my own reactions and choices. My “response-ability” is a key to my success and I thank Rosanna Durruthy for introducing me to a training that helped me gain that skill in a way that I might not have known about before my partnership and friendship with her. It may take me a while longer sometimes to admit that it’s my choice but, once I do, the empowerment I feel is incredible.