Create Processes and Systems and Map Them – Identify all of the tasks you perform on a monthly basis. These include lead generation, lead conversion, behind the scenes administrative operations, and the processes and steps your customer takes. Map the process by outlining each step. What is required and how do you get from the beginning of the process to the end? When you outline the steps for each process you will be able to easily identify the skills and knowledge required.

Hire the Right People for the Job – Once you’ve outlined and mapped your processes, you can use that information to find good people to take care of the task for you. Outsourcing is much easier and more effective when you hire the right people for the job. You know what’s required and you can ask the key questions to make sure your potential contractors are equipped for success.

Use Your Documentation to Train – You can then use your mapped processes to help your new contractor understand what the job entails. You don’t have to spend hours training them or answering pages of questions. Any time you hire a contractor, all you need to do is send them the mapped processes. They can then follow the instructions step by step.

Keep in mind that this not only ensures your contractors know how to perform the task, it also ensures that every contractor performs the task the same way. Mapping your processes and systems helps make sure that your tasks are done both consistently and reliably. Being able to outsource them allows you to reduce some of your workload and stress so you can focus on building profits.

Prioritize Your Planning and Brainstorming Sessions – With newfound free time, you can use that time to brainstorm your business and innovate new products, services, and processes to improve and profit. The role of entrepreneur requires you to be the innovator, and by outsourcing some of your tasks you need to create the time to make it happen.

Finally, make sure that you consistently set aside time to review your progress. Make sure that the processes and systems you have in place are working the way you intended. Make sure that your contractors have what they need and that they’re delivering the desired results. Then take the time to evaluate your goals and your progress in attaining them. By taking time each week to check on your progress, you help reduce surprises and increase your ability to respond and adapt. You position your business to ensure that tasks are done consistently reliably, profitably, and stress free.