A little application can go a long way toward building a long term relationship. Contractors are business owners and entrepreneurs too. They have ideal customers and people they enjoy working with. Show appreciation and become your contractor’s top client.

  • Say “Thank you.” There’s a lot of power in those two little words. Unfortunately, so many people forget to say them. Make them part of your conversation with your contractors. You’ll have better relationships. Oh, and say “please” too.
  • Pay them on time. No one wants to wait for their invoice to be paid. Sure you have expenses and it’s nice to hold onto your money as long as possible. However, your contractor has bills to pay too. Pay them when you receive the invoice and you’ll quickly move to the top of their list of favorite clients.
  • Keep them busy. A contractor appreciates when you’re able to provide them with a steady stream of work. One of the challenges that any self-employed service provider faces is the uncertainty about future work. If you can keep them busy with consistent projects and tasks, you’ll be more likely to be a priority in their schedule. You’ll also have some leverage when it comes to favors and discounts.
  • Refer them to others. It’s difficult to refer a contractor because you worry that they’ll get so busy they won’t have time for you. However, when you share the wealth and recommend your contractor to others, you’ll certainly enjoy a stronger relationship with your contractor. They might also have a referral program that can earn you some cash or a discount on services.
  • Give them a glowing testimonial. Many service providers and contractors use testimonials on their website and in their marketing material. Giving them a testimonial helps them market their business. It also can market your business too.
  • Answer questions and be available. Show your contractor that you respect their time and their process by answering questions that they have in a timely manner. Provide as much information and documentation as you can about your project or your task. Give them what they need to succeed.
  • Don’t micromanage. First of all, micromanaging is a waste of your time. The goal of outsourcing is to hire someone to take care of a task or a project. If you have to spend your time hovering to make sure they do it correctly, not only will you not get anything important done, you’ll probably tick them off and lose a contractor. Show them you appreciate them by letting your contractor take care of your tasks on their own.
  • Remember them on holidays. You don’t have to send them flowers, but you can. You can also simply wish them a happy day on social media or via email.

Showing your contractors you appreciate them. It helps strengthen your relationship, which ultimately gives you more leverage and more opportunities. And what’s better than a stellar contractor that you can trust with your business tasks?

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