I know your secret.

You didn’t get into business to manage people or lead a team.

You got into business to:

  • have more freedom
  • help more people and make a bigger impact
  • make more money
  • work doing your passion

NOT to manage others and lead a team.

And yet…

The captain of a ship belongs at the wheel, keeping the vessel on course, not shoveling coal in the boiler room.

But that’s exactly what most people end up doing.

You’ve got to get out (and stay out) of the boiler room and start steering your business in the right direction!

Imagine what life would be like when…

  • Your team actually starts making more money for your business…instead of just costing you.
  • They work together to identify and implement good ideas instead of wasting your time making you fix it.
  • You don’t need to micromanage them.
  • You now have time to perform strategic work instead of being stuck in the day-to-day details.
  • Ramp-up time for new team members is dramatically reduced so that they get stuff done, right and fast.
  • Your team superstars want to stick around and the revolving door of talent is stopped once for all
  • You spend less on finding and training new team members saving you a ton of money and time
  • Your company is finally staffed with the right people who get their work done without complaining
  • When mistakes are made, you know exactly what to do, they’re fixed fast, and they don’t happen again.
  • You get to focus your time on long-term priorities rather than fighting fires.

And I want that for you. So bad.

I want to make it easier for you. And for free. 

I want to design a customized plan to solve your specific team problems in 30 minutes or less.

It’s my Customized “Your Supercharged Team” Plan. And you can apply to get yours today when you click here. 

That’s right. I want to give you the answers…your own personalized, 3 point, plan to solve your team’s challenges for your specific business in one 30 minute phone call. 

And you know the best part?

Whether you decide to have me help you implement the recommendations or not, you’ll know the exact plan of action to solve your 3 biggest leadership challenges and what to focus on to get your team, doing what you need done, right and fast starting today.

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To your fantastic success,


Deanna Maio

Team Results & Accountability Strategist



PS: If you are fed up wasting lots of time, pulling your hair out, trying to get your team to do what you want…but it’s not working…and you don’t know why…then you should apply immediately to get your plan.

PPS: You might be thinking, Deanna’s just doing this so she can pressure me into buying something. Nope. If it makes sense to work together, I’ll share how I think I can help. And if it doesn’t, I end up with some really valuable research data, you have an actual plan you can use, and we’ll part ways as friends. Sounds fair, right? Apply immediately to get your plan.