Small projects can give a false sense of preparedness. When you have more than one at a time, suddenly you might be faced with more work than you think you can handle. Here are a few ideas to help you juggle multiple small projects.

What Is a Project?

A project is basically a job that you are asked to do. Whether you are an online entrepreneur or you work for a bigger company, it represents the services that you are offering to provide to your clients.

Getting it all done requires some project management skills. Even if your job title is not technically “project manager,” you can use the same principles to help you meet each deadline without getting too stressed out in the process.


Keeping Track of It All

When you have one project to handle, there is room to move when it comes to setting up how you will accomplish the various parts and pieces that require your attention. When you add another, it gets a bit more intense but you take it one day at a time. Add another two projects and the ship threatens to sink.


Here are some ideas to help you make it work.


* List your projects – What is on your plate right now? Recording it all ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.


* Know the deadlines – When is each project due for delivery? You might find out that you have two due around the same time and will need to adjust your schedule to work in tandem on more than one thing.


* What is needed to accomplish each project? – Know what resources will be needed so that you can have everything in place before the project gets underway.


* Set milestones – How can you break down each project into manageable pieces? Some clients need deliverable at more than one stage of the project. Use a master calendar to see just how each job will stack up against the others as far as managing your time.


* Utilize time management skills – You may find yourself working on more than one project each day. Divide your time between the two so each has some attention.


* Stay in contact with the clients – Sometimes things can change mid-project. You want to be ready to adjust when they do. There is no sense in working hard on an aspect of a project that a client deemed obsolete two days ago.


* Take a break – Working non-stop without any downtime built in could lead to burnout. Taking a break can lead to a fresh perspective on your projects.

It may happen that you have to handle more than one project at a time. So that you can keep everything straight and your clients happy, use the above ideas to assist you.


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