If you’re NOT having a good day, then I have the coolest thing for you.

One of my new favorite people, Rachel Rofé, has written a very interesting guide called “Never Have a Bad Day Again”.

When I first heard about it, I thought “that’s pretty woo woo” and wasn’t really interested.

But then I read the sales page because I know the high quality of her stuff and I thought that for under 10 bucks, I’d support her and maybe learn a thing or two.

Oh Boy! I bought the course, started reading and literally had tears running down my face in minutes. And not from laughing.

You might look at Rachel and think “Of course she’s never had a bad day, just look at her. She smart, pretty, thin, funny, financially stable and travels the world. Why should she ever have a bad day?”

Well, her past is, for lack of better word, ugly.  And, yet, she is the epitome of joy and grace – even when things go wrong, and they do. I’ve seen her be poised and positive no matter what the circumstances. Even when her laptop was stolen. 

And now, after reading her course, I now see how she does it.

And now you can too.  Check out Rachel’s Program here. 


Plus if you invest in Never Have a Bad Day Again and the Jumpstart, I’ll gift you a private, one on one, coaching session with me!!! ($197 value)  Just email your jumpstart receipt to team@www.delegatedtodone.com and we’ll make sure you get a link to my calendar to schedule.