Please read this whether you’re someone who needs/wants to outsource OR you’re a Virtual Assistant.I think you’ll relate on both sides.

You started this business to change lives and earn a living, NOT to spend hours in frustration setting up webinars, learning how to update WordPress, getting stuck learning how to set up your email lists, editing videos (yuck), or answering help desk emails and filtering spam.

That’s where I encourage you to let other people shine.

Yes, other people LOVE doing that stuff.

So, why flail in your weaker areas instead of spending your time doing the things that bring you from Average to AWESOME?!

Hand those tasks off to the Virtual Assistants who LOVE to do that stuff, so YOU are free to reach your highest income goals.

But… that’s where it gets tricky. You find a great VA and then get stuck.

* You have to figure out what you want them to do, because you don’t even know yourself!

* You feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants – and paying for it!

Well, that USED to be the problem, but now that problem is solved. 🙂

Melissa Ingold’s Done-for-You Outsourcing Plans make it easy.

She provides marketing plans that you can hand to your Virtual Assistant and say “do this please” –  and they have a fail-proof path to follow. OR if you’re a VA, you’ve got instant income streams. (Hint hint)

So your Virtual Assistant can MAKE you money!

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If you’ve ever said this:

“If only I could just hand a marketing plan over to someone and they’d just DO what I wanted them to do instead of trying to explain it – especially when I don’t even understand it myself.”

Then you need this:
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To your fantastic success,


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