There are different types of virtual assistants. There are the people you contract out to for the occasional project. For example, you might need someone to format your new eBook for Kindle publishing. There are also the virtual assistants that you work with on a consistent basis. Maybe they upload your blog posts each week and manage your customer service.

Then there are those that you rely on almost daily. They are the behind the scenes partner that you need when your business has reached a plateau. We’re talking about a project manager, also known as an online business manager. A project manager is the person you need when you want to take your business to the next level.

Let’s take a look at what a project manager can do for you.

Manage Projects

This may sound like an obvious statement. However, people often get a little boxed in with their definition of a “project.” A project can be anything from creating and establishing an affiliate team, to helping promote your business, to writing and publishing a book, to launching a new product or service. As a project manager, your assistant can:

  • Recommend contractors
  • Communicate with contractors
  • Establish a timeline for the project
  • Research technology to support your business and the project
  • Establish metrics and implement systems to measure results
  • Provide customer support

And just about anything else that you might need for a particular project.

Manage Marketing

As an online business owner, marketing your business likely consumes a good amount of your time. A project manager can take the majority of that burden off of you. Think about how much time you spend on marketing right now and don’t forget about social media. Now imagine what you could do with that time if someone else were managing your marketing. A project manager can:

  • Manage your email marketing list, including communicating with ghostwriters, uploading material to newsletters, scheduling newsletters, etc…
  • Review PPC campaigns
  • Manage social media marketing including posting, commenting, and sharing/responding to comments
  • Manage your blog, including communicating with ghostwriters, researching topics, posting and scheduling, responding to comments, etc…

Streamline Your Business

A project manager is skilled at helping online business owners become more effective and efficient. They can recommend systems and processes, and have likely worked with a number of supporting technologies. They can not only implement a particular support tool (like an autoresponder), they can make suggestions to help you choose the best one for your company and your goals.

A project manager or online business manager is more than an assistant. They really can become the partner that you lean on to help you create and grow the business of your dreams.