Hi. My name is Alexander and I’m an intern working with Deanna at Delegated to Done.

Does your business need more content you can send to prospective customers?

Are you writing your business’s content yourself every time you need it?

If you answered yes to either of the previous questions, then this post is for you.

We know that a customer likes to trust a company before they’re willing to do business.

The way to win a customer’s trust is by regularly publishing great content, whether that content be blog posts, emails, twitter posts, or any similar communication. Publishing content regularly can be a challenge for many business owners, however.

What is the solution?

All Custom Content is a company that provides the exact service that you need. To find out more about this great service, I interviewed Deanna Maio, who has used this service to get content written for Delegated to Done.

What is All Custom Content?

All Custom Content is an amazing resource that I found a number of years ago that provides ghost writing services and editing services to online entrepreneurs and business owners. They lift some of the load off your shoulders and help you to create fresh and original content that’s just for you, and it’s hassle free.

Where you may have had the opportunity to learn about private label rights before, where you can purchase content that several others have had the opportunity to purchase, the thing that’s great about All Custom Content is each piece is made specifically for you and your business. So instead of scrambling to write blog posts, articles, reports, or any other content each month, All Custom Content does all the required research to create your content for you.

They’ll take that research and write original content for you so you can focus on your other business matters. They proofread and edit your content so it’s polished and ready to go. They can create article resource boxes or social media posts to promote that content, help you by adding it to your WordPress site, or format it for publishing. They also provide you with an education center with resources to help you use and monetize your content more.

What are the three biggest benefits to small business owners?

Well, there are definitely more than three benefits I have found in using All Custom Content for the last year. However, there are some things that I find particularly useful to the busy business owner. You get assigned your own project manager to take care of everything for you. So all you need to do at the beginning of the month is provide them with any information they need to create great content for you.

Information may be about changes in your target market, keywords that you want to focus on or what kind of content you want them to create for you. Then your project manager manages that, and you only deal with that person. They have someone research, write, and edit the material so that you end up with really great quality stuff. Each piece of material, or page, is somewhere between 400 and 600 words, and you can choose to have that turned into an article, an email for your list, a report, or an e-book, and you can take those reports or e-books and use them for things like teaching a teleclass, creating an audio or webinar, or even making a video series.

The content is always professionally written, and it includes proofreading and editing. They also help you to not agonize about what you want to write about, so they’ll do topic research for you if you’re not sure what you should be offering to your community. Whether you tweet or Facebook about your content or you distribute your articles to get traffic through article directories, they will write posts or bylines or resource boxes for you. I think that’s probably more than three, but even the same, that should help.

What was creating content like before All Custom Content? What is it like now?

Before I worked with All Custom Content, I struggled to find private label rights materials or to write content myself. The problem with this was it took a lot of time out of my schedule. I didn’t always have the ideas that I needed. I wasn’t able to strategically and creatively integrate the keywords that I wanted. Writing titles and resource boxes that would get my readers to take action was difficult. As a matter of fact, most months I felt like I was behind the eight ball trying to catch up so that I could stay in touch with my community and offer useful content, but I was getting busy with everything else in my business. Creating content was the thing that always got put on the backburner.

Now at the beginning of the month I just let my project manager know if there’s been any changes to my business or what I would like my content to focus on. Perhaps one month I might have them focus articles and blog posts on the topic of systemizing in your business, another month I might have them write about team or delegation, so I just let them know if there are any changes in area focus, and they’re off and running. I don’t have to do anything besides take the research that they’ve given me with suggested titles or topics.

Then, I narrow it down to the ones that I think are going to be the biggest benefits to my list, they get started writing, I receive them back, and I can do with them whatever I need. As a matter of fact, some of the time I have them write a blog post or podcast scripts for me. Other months I might have them write a report or something I could use as a free opt-in gift for my community. Another month I might have them write emails that I can send to my list.

So there’s a lot of benefit in using All Custom Content to create content for you with their easy monthly service.

In what ways is All Custom Content worth the money spent on it?

Well, the way I figure it, you save a great deal of money by using the easy monthly service that All Custom Content offers. First, they give you a project manager. For a project manager that oversees researchers, writers, proofreaders, and makes sure that everything is done according to plan, you could expect to pay $40 per hour or more.

Then to have the content written and professionally edited, you’re looking at each page being 400-600 words, and in my experience to have content that’s professionally written, including proof reading and editing, you’re looking at somewhere between $50-$65 per page. Then you’ve got the topic research. So if you hire All Custom Content separately to do research, it would cost an additional $40 per hour, and I have found that somewhere between $30-$40 per hour is standard when you’re looking for this kind of research, but with All Custom Content, that research is included with your monthly membership. Then each month they write twitter posts or bylines or resource boxes for you.

Purchased separately those would cost $40 for 10 tweets or 3 resource boxes, so that’s being included as well. Then their education center, which just has oodles of resources, content, and training for you, purchased separately would be $20 per month. So you’re looking at $800, $900, $1000 worth of value, available for only a fraction of that each month. Plus the great thing about this is, as long as you stay a member, you lock in the rate, and they’ve got time in their schedule and in your calendar to do this for you every month. There’s no scrambling to find someone who can fit it into their busy schedule for you.

What is your favorite feature?

My favorite feature of All Custom Content is knowing that it’s taken care of every month and I have one person to connect with. My project manager answers my questions, gives me advice, oversees everything involved, and I don’t have to be in charge of researchers, writers, editors, and delegating all of that and seeing that it all keeps moving forward.

I’ve got enough to do in my busy day, having my content creation taken care of is such a huge stress relief As you can tell, All Custom Content’s Easy Monthly service is a great answer to the otherwise overwhelming problem of producing content each month. Rather than waste your time writing content when you could use that time to manage your business, All Custom Content can do the grunt work for you!

The Easy Monthly service is one month at a time, so even if you don’t like the first month (which you will), there’s no obligation to keep going. You can start out with a monthly 10 posts/pages and upgrade from there to 20, 30, or 50 posts/pages as needed. Why wait?! If you use content marketing to get your fans and followers to know, like and trust you then, I urge you check out what they have to offer.

Plus I’ve arranged for you to get a free gift. It’s their free guide all about how to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS BY OUTSOURCING YOUR CONTENT.

You have important business management tasks to take care of – there’s no need to be slaving away and typing all day.  Grab your free guide and get plenty of tips for effectively outsource your content.

Get yours here:  http://DelegatedtoDone.com/recommends/allcustomcontentmonthly.

You won’t regret it!