I hardly ever work on a Saturday these days but, I happened to check my email this morning and I got some news I just had to share with you.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m…

(wait for it)

just crazy about doing tasks as efficiently as possible…

like it’s better than a warm sunny day, with a bowl of salted caramel ice cream spoon fed to me by Harry Connick Jr. as he serenades me with Gershwin and Porter ballads.

Yeah I’m that crazy about working efficiently.

And wen I say “Efficiently” I mean as quickly and easily as possible to get the quality result I’m looking for.

I used to call this “Lazy” until my best pal of mine Genie Goodwin kept telling me that it’s not lazy and if I kept saying that people might actually get the wrong impression about me.

So I’m not lazy and I don’t to expend any more effort than I have to…ever. Why? Because my time is too valuable to me to waste it. Do you ever feel that way?

And that’s why if you don’t know about my secret weapon for training yourself and teams and creating marketable and sellable content for your customers, you need to know about it.

What am I talking about?

Private Label Rights (PLR) Content, of course.

PLR content is a great way for you to build your sources of content without huge expense or time investment.

Simply put, PLR is content that you can purchase and then modify to suit your unique business needs.

  • You save money because the same modifiable content is sold to other business owners but usually in limited distribution, thus lowering the cost to you in comparison to hiring a writer. This means you get more content at a lower price.
  • You save time because you don’t have to do the research or the writing. You certainly don’t need to be typing all day to build your business.
  • You save energy because when it’s time for you to train or create materials you’ve already got a starting place.

Well, today I found out that my mentor and friend, Melissa Ingold of SpecialReportClub.com is closing the doors forever on her monthly PLR program.

And when she says she’s doing it, she’s not BS-ing and it’s not a marketing gimmick.  This gal is filled with integrity. And I should know I’m been a SRC monthly member and customer of hers since April 2010.

In a hurry, check it out here:

But, if you join now, every month you’ll get an amazing training product ready to sell to your clients or customers or train your team with for just $37.

For what it would cost you to hire a team to create just one new product just for you, you can get around 84 of Melissa’s products with PLR rights that you can put your name on and turn into all kinds of your own customized products, training programs, workshops, webinars, and more!

She Gives You Everything You Need:

  • 30+ page report divided into 4 modules so you can create a big beefy product, or sell as a 4-week program
  • PowerPoint Slides to create a video product or host a webinar or for your live presentation
  • Guest Handout to give to your webinar guests or to add to your finished product
  • Checklist to add to your finished product
  • Workbook to give away to build your list
  • Sales Letter and thank-you page to sell your completed product from
  • Squeeze Page to send people to register for your free webinar, plus confirmation and thank-you pages
  • Templates designed for your sales letter and squeeze page
  • 4 Promotional Emails to promote your live webinar and market the recordings or paid product
  • 2 Ecover Graphics for the report and workbook (JPEG & PSD)
  • 5 Promotional Facebook Posts promoting the report/webinar
  • 5 Promotional Twitter Tweets promoting the report/webinar
  • 5 Blog Posts to help you drive traffic to your webinar and product

And if you sign up by June first, you’ll get instant access to the current package AND you’ll get a brand new package on June 2nd all for just $37  – you get 2 PLR packages for the price of 1!)

Melissa did a great video all about the monthly package that I’ve arranged to have for you to watch on my blog after you watch, make sure to visit http://DelegatedtoDone.com/recommends/Special-Report-Club to get your membership now. 

Click here to learn more and check it out now:

Happy a fantastic Memorial Day weekend,