I always say that I’m “really lazy” when it comes to building my business, but that isn’t exactly 100% true.

I’m very efficient.

  • I don’t want to **work any harder** than I have to, to get great results.
  • I want to do things once that **pay me over and over and over again**.
  • I like **to delegate to my team**, a lot.

That’s one of the reasons why I picked up “Sticky Passive Income” from Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean at CoachGlue.com. 

They share my views and they are awesome at seeing areas for improving our profitability and efficiency at every turn.

I’d much rather be spending time outside in the sunshine and reading a book or listening to music than sitting in front of my computer any longer than I need to to get things done.

Who wouldn’t?

Most **really smart marketers** see a huge drop-off in income if they’re not sitting in front of their computers.

That’s NOT the way I work.

I don’t like the stress of the rollercoaster ride – so I set up systems in my business to avoid it.

And that’s what Nicole and Melissa have helped me do.

People have been asking them to teach their methods and they finally did.

I was lucky enough to get their new course “STICKY PASSIVE INCOME” in prelaunch mode, and now that it’s all ready, the price will be going up soon.

And I recommend it to anyone that wants to get more passive income in the door every month, whether you have a team or not.

**But you can still get it for the prelaunch price.**

Click Here

Just to be clear. This course is all about taking your existing assets and tweaking them to bring in more passive income on an ongoing basis.

They talk about how to be STRATEGIC and INTENTIONAL about your marketing – for ongoing income.

They share the systems on how to add more passive income to your business AND you can even give access to your Virtual Assistant to have them help you put them in place in your own business.

Sticky Passive Income: Income Tweaks

Heads up, though. The price doubles on Monday April 28th.

Just ONE tweak that you learn and implement could easily pay back your investment in this course – month after month after month.

I’m earning $1000 more a month in passive income because of what I’ve learned from them.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

If you’re not sure why this is so important, just listen to the audio on the top of the page here:

Sticky Passive Income: Income Tweaks

PS. Not not too late to make this year your best year yet.
Sticky Passive Income: Income Tweaks
If nothing else, take a few minutes and listen to the audio on that page.