Teleseminars and webinars are awesome tools to use to build up your list and make a huge impact on your niche market and your bank account. But, they can also amp up your productivity by helping you quickly create multiple products from one teleseminar and / or webinar event. We’ve all heard about reusing and repurposing content for our blogs, eBooks and Private Label Rights (PLR) but you’ll be shocked at how many uses you’ll have for one hour long teleseminar or webinar. How amazing is it to get paid for creating products before you’ve even sold them?


From one seminar you can create the following products:


  • EBook — This can be in the form of a PDF for buying on its own or via Kindle Direct Publishing. You can also give it away or use it as an up-sell product if you want to use it for marketing purposes.
  • ECourses — Break the resulting recording down, and create an email course, or even an online course to put on one of the online course software available. You can use a transcript of the event, or segments of the event cut into parts to teach the course over time. It’s great to use text, audio and video for online courses.
  • EReport — Stick it together with a case study, once you get feedback from the group, and you’ve got a winning EReport!
  • Physical Products — From books to CD’s, to DVD’s, to Flash Drives, to printing out and filling a three ring binder that you ship to clients, you can go really far with creating physical products based off your event.
  • Audio Products — It’s already recorded, so now you can simply offer it for sale as is, or as part of a group of other products.
  • Multiple Content — Video blogs, text blogs, newsletter articles, and more can be created from the one hour event. You’ll have a lot of feedback that can be added, the transcripts and more which can be converted to all sorts of content.
  • Transcripts — People who prefer to read transcripts than attend the event, watch or listen to the event, will love to have the transcript. It can be an added bonus or an additional fee!
  • Automatic Teleseminar — Believe it or not, the recording can be used, if dates are left off, (or you can add into the recording a new date) over again for an automated teleseminar that plays and sells itself a several times.
  • Even PLR — That’s right, you can turn your each and every creation above into private label rights for others to use again and again!


You can use these products in a variety of ways from offering as a free or discounted bonus on another product, to using it as an up sell product, to converting it to a live workshop in your local area. Honestly, the only thing that could stop you is your imagination on ways to use what you get out of the event. Your productivity has just exploded all because you decided to give one hour long teleseminar or webinar event!