If you don’t fill up the seats in your teleseminars and webinars then you’re not going to have the type of results from the event that you hope. The key to seminar success, whether it’s a teleseminar a webinar or even a live, in person event is having as many seats filled as possible. Not only that, you want the seats filled with prequalified prospects who are interested in what you have to offer them.


Here are ten sure fire ways to make sure that you fill those seats!

  • ¬†Choose Your Topic Carefully — The topic you choose for your teleseminar or webinar is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make. Ensure that the topic is important to your target audience. If it doesn’t answer a burning question for your target audience, then it’s off the mark.
  • ¬†Pick the Price — The price needs to be thought out carefully too. Some people are very successful with giving free or dollar teleseminars or webinars, but others prefer not to market to freebie seekers. It just depends on your niche and your market will bear. This may take some research. It also depends on how much information you’re giving during the seminar. If you’re giving it all, you’ll want to charge what this information is worth. If you’re simply offering a preview into what the product you’re promoting via the seminar entails then you might consider a lower price.
  • Customize Material — The material you use for your seminar should be customized to fit your market specifically. Don’t try to cast too wide of a net here. It is tempting, but the truth is, you can do the seminar over for a different segment of your niche by simply changing the materials a little. Better to be super sharp and laser focused on a specific segment of your niche.
  • Partner Up — Consider working with someone. If you can partner up with someone who markets to your same niche, but offers a different product or service (especially if they have a huge list) this is a quick way to double your effectiveness and your reach. It also takes some of the pressure off you to do everything.
  • Offer Bonuses — Your sales page should mention bonus offers as well as hint at future unannounced bonuses opportunities for attendees. If you charge for the event, you could offer a free download of the recording, for instance. Another idea is to offer deep discounts to your products to those who watched or listened to the entire event by giving a code at the end.
  • Create a Limit — People don’t like to be left out of anything, so if you play up that the seats are limited, you’ll fill the seats that you have faster. The limit is up to you, and you don’t have to announce the number of the limit. You can also create a time limit rather than a specific number of attendees. For instance, people who sign up first get a 50 percent discount, people who sign up later get a lower discount or no discount.
  • Make a Preview — Record a podcast or a video that you put on your sales page for people to get a free preview of what the event will entail. People will get excited to hear your voice or see your face on the video and automatically trust you more if this is a high quality preview of what is to come.
  • Pre Market to Your List — Start with marketing to your list first to give them an inside to being first to sign up. This will make them feel special, and also give them a chance to spread the word to their lists and their friends.
  • Social Networking — Don’t forget to spread the word via social media, not just your own, but any groups and organizations that have people in your target audience should be told about the event. You can do this via press releases, advertisements, and event announcement features on various social networks.
  • Use Affiliates — Never forget the army of affiliates that you can use to promote your event. The trick with using affiliates is to give them a good payday day for promoting as well as the opportunity to earn prizes. Offering from 80 to 100 percent of the cost of the event will encourage them to spread the news far and wide!