You’ve gone through tremendous trouble to find a great online business manager. You trust them implicitly and they have everything they need to succeed – to help you grow your business. Then why oh why are you unable to let go and let them do their job? It’s a common conundrum.

However, the sooner you’re able to relax, the more you’ll be able to accomplish and let’s face it, the easier it will be for your new Online Business Manager (OBM) to do their job.

Here are 5 tips to help you along the way.

  1. Trust that you are a good judge of character. You hired your online business manager for a reason. When you’re tempted to jump into the mix, make a list of the reasons you hired them and ask yourself if you still believe in those reasons.
  2. Look at your goals. What are your goals for hiring an online business manager? Does letting go support those goals? What should you be doing with your precious time to reach your goals and grow your business?
  3. What are the results? How is your online business manager doing? What benefits has your business experienced as a direct result of you bringing them on and adding them to your team? Create a system to regularly evaluate your business and the value that your OBM has contributed.
  4. Good systems help the transition. When you first begin working with your online business manager, create systems that make you feel comfortable and support your new manager. For example, consider establishing a weekly check in so you know what’s on track.
  5. Cut the cord right away. It’s tempting to want to put your two cents in, especially if your online business manager is handling communications with your contractors and/or your customers and prospects.

If your online business manager is going to take over your email communications, it’s tempting to set up a forwarding system so you still receive all emails. However, this can cause an irresistible urge to step back into your old role and answer those emails or insert yourself into the conversation.

Assuming that you have set your online business manager up with the information and systems they need to succeed, stay out of it. Let them handle the communications. That’s what you’re paying them for.

It can definitely be difficult to let go and let your online business manager handle the responsibilities you’ve assigned to them. Instead of giving into temptation, remember why you hired them and all that you have to gain by letting your OBM do their job. Focus on your priority business building tasks and enjoy the perks of your decision.