Do you want to hire an assistant, but you have no clue what to outsource?

Or do already have an assistant, but you always end up giving them useless tasks to do that nothing to grow your business so you’re burning through *money*?

Thing is, most “experts” never tell you what the hell it is they actually outsource. They just tell give you a general list of ideas and guidelines and send you on your way.

But WHAT things do they have their team do in their business?

How is it possible that they’re able to grow their business by spending *money* on tasks they can do themselves for free?

If this has been a source of frustration for you, then today is your lucky day!

Outsourcing expert Melissa Ingold is showing us the behind the scenes of her business to find out exactly what she outsources, and learn the strategic *money* making plan behind each task, and the videos are designed in a teach & train format.

Meaning…you get to learn and then you can give them to your assistant to train her on how to do all these *money* making tasks in YOUR business.

That’s right!

I’ve been a fan and studied from Melissa for the last 3 years and she’s the real deal. And I’m proud to share what she’s put together with you.

She’s giving you her permission to give this program to your assistant so she can train her for you.

You can literally take these training videos and hand them right off to your assistant…WITHOUT having to do any training yourself.

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Melissa’s going to show you how there’s *money* to be made in every single area of your business, including:

  • Administrative & Customer Service
  • Blogging & Content
  • Business Management
  • Information Products
  • Kindle Books
  • Social Media
  • Audio/Video/Virtual Events

With her videos, you can finally stop wasting time or money outsourcing stuff that does nothing for your business, and
train an assistant up…FAST!

Right now, this program is in the “pre-launch” stage, so the first training video won’t go live until November 27th! But I want to share it with you right away so you can get the special savings and 3 special bonuses!

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You’ll get instant access to all the bonuses immediately after you pre-order your copy of the training videos.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7 “Train Your VA” Videos – Melissa’s going to show you how she’s leveraging the different areas of her business with the help ofher team. You can learn how to do all these things too, and then hand over the videos to your own assistant so she can do them for you in your business.
  • Bonus Audio “How to Outsource Your Way to a Six-Figure Business” You’ll get access to her highly-popular outsourcing audio that will clear up a lot of the confusion about outsourcing, and why you need to hire help if you want to hit six-figures and beyond.
  • Bonus Video “Inside Look at Her Entire Business Structure” – In this bonus video, Melissa does what most business owners never do, and give you an inside look into how her entire business structure is set up, and how it all works. You’ll finally be able to see what’s possible, and start planning for your own business team.
  • Bonus Video “Inside Look at her Project Management System” – In this video, She’s giving you an inside look at her powerful project management system, so you can see how leveraging a tool like this in your business will keep you organized, focused, and super productive.

Pre-order your copy of this program by 5pm on Friday, November 22nd, you’ll discounted pricing and all her special bonuses which
you can access today, immediately after ordering. And then on November 27th, you’ll start receiving her “Train Your VA” videos.

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To your fantastic success,

PS: I’ve got something very special coming for you next week to celebrate my birthday and Thanksgiving (same day!) so stay tuned.

Deanna Maio
Business Growth & Marketing Strategist