If you are thinking about having a teleseminar or webinar then you’ll need to promote it in order to fill all the seats. One tried and true way to fill seats is to announce your seminar via al your social media channels, and make it easy for your affiliates to do so as well by providing them easy cut and paste copy, excellent graphics, and a top-notch sales page to make the sales process easier for them. If you do most of the work for them, they’ll be able to devote more time to spread the word in more places.


  • Go Viral — Social media is the very best avenue for things to “go viral” meaning that they end up being promoted automatically due to the interesting, funny or controversial content being shared. It could be a video, a meme, or a blog post that is being shared, as long as the headline is compelling, the information inside funny and or useful, it’ll probably go viral. Think of all the things you see shared on a daily basis within your social networks and I’m sure you can come up with something creative that will do the same.
  • Events Are Social — The awesome thing about events is that they’re social to start with, so promoting them on social media isn’t perceived as spam as much as promoting other products and services. Events are just so much more interactive and social and are widely accepted shares on social media services. I mean really, who wouldn’t share their event on social media? It’s a natural.
  • Gets People Fired Up — Social media has the effect of getting people excited about events in the future due to the fact that once people have been invited to an event on social media the date keeps showing up whenever they sign up, especially on Facebook. They won’t forget that it’s happening. If you create a group for your event, you’ll even be able to have ongoing discussions about the topic, the guests, the products and more. This will get people even more excited about the event.
  • Run Super Targeted Advertisements — On many social media avenues like Facebook, for instance, you can run low cost advertisements about your event that is super laser targeted toward your niche audience. You can choose who sees your add by groups, by age, by state and by many different demographics. Plus, you can choose to only pay per click, which thus creates a situation where you only pay for people who will click through to your sales page.

By branding yourself on social media and marketing your event via social media you will create buzz that keeps on buzzing because your fans will do a lot of work for you. They’ll comment on your promotions, they’ll share your promotions, and they’ll even give you ideas about new products and insight into what your niche market needs. After all, the more solutions you can provide your audience, the more teleseminars and webinars you can plan, and the more products you’ll create, and the more money you will make.